How to Choose the Right Oil Company

Many people have trouble deciding which is the right oil company for them when the time comes to choose one. This usually happens because the average person simply doesn’t know enough details about oil companies to be able to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones.

The truth is that there could be several differences even between just two oil companies and knowing what distinguishes these companies could make all the difference for you.

An oil company needs to be, above all else, reliable. When it is the dead of winter and you need to have oil resources delivered to your home as fast as possible, you want an oil company that will meet your needs no matter what. To help give you a sense of what to look for in an company, we will describe below the most essential aspects of what makes a company the right choice for you.

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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Oil Company

1. Pricing and Fees

A lot of people’s gut instinct will be to compare prices from one company to another. While we do recommend doing this, pricing alone doesn’t come close to telling the whole story. A more expensive oil company is not guaranteed to be superior, and a cheaper one isn’t guaranteed to be worth the extra few bucks you’d be saving either.

Prices should definitely be taken into account, but only after you have assessed the rest of their services. Then, make a judgment call for yourself to see if they are appropriately priced compared to the rest of the competition. Paying attention to delivery, maintenance, payment options and also any convenience fees are things you should keep a lookout for.

It is also important to take note of whether an oil company asks you to sign a contract with them. There are both pros and cons to this method. Signing up with an oil company that locks you in for, say, six months could spare you some stress in the future knowing that they will always be ready to serve you. On the other hand, you may hear of a similar company with services and resources that you want for a lower price, but can’t switch companies due to the signed deal you made.

2. Emergency Services

While no one likes to think that it will happen to them, the truth is that preparing for an emergency situation is simply the responsible thing to do. That’s why your oil company should be capable of responding in such a scenario.

Our recommendation is to choose an oil company that has 24/7 oil emergency services so that no matter when you call for some oil resources you are guaranteed to get the help that you need.

Whether you need heating oil to be delivered to your location ASAP or heating system repairs, it is important to make sure that your chosen company is capable of providing you with the resources or maintenance that you need whenever you ask for it.

It would also be a good idea to look into delivery times. Response time is as important as their fees are when it comes to aspects that you should take into consideration.

3. Research the Oil Company’s Reputation

It is common nowadays thanks to the internet to look up reviews of a product or a service before going ahead with the purchase. The same rule definitely applies when choosing an oil company, so you should take full advantage of this.

A company might make certain promises on their website, but it is more reliable to look at what their customers and clients are saying about them. All you really have to do is type in the company’s name into a search engine and look to see if they are receiving positive or negative feedback. Various websites (such as Google Maps) and forums should be able to give you a sense if this company is worth signing up with.

Look for specific remarks about the quality of the company such as things we’ve already discussed like if their pricing is fair, do they have on-demand service, and are they fast and responsive with heating oil delivery.

A little tip from us would be to prioritize the reviews of existing customers rather than past ones. They have a more up to date perspective on how the company is currently functioning and their words will serve as a more accurate reflection of the company’s quality.

How to Choose an Oil Company Conclusion

We hope you now have a better sense of how to choose the right heating oil company for you. As long as you keep all of this in mind, you can rest easy knowing that you have made a decision that is informed and responsible.

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