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Van Doren Oil Company provides heating and oil equipment installation, maintenance, and replacement. Whether you are searching for information regarding fuel storage tanks, furnaces, boilers, or water heater, Van Doren Oil Company’s technicians can assist you in making the best choices for all your heating needs.  Do not let winter sneak up on you without thoroughly inspecting your heating equipment today.

Fuel Storage Tank:

By using a fuel storage tank, you are provided the ability to control your fuel source through choice of capacity and supplier. Whether you need a fuel storage tank replacement or new fuel storage tank, Van Doren Oil Company is here to assist you.

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Heating Oil Furnace:

A furnace can account for two-thirds of your heating bill. Whether replacing or installing a furnace Van Doren Oil Company’s expert technician will calculate your homes heating requirements, provide your options, and determine the right size and model furnace for your home.

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Oil Boilers:

Boilers are a crucial part of your homes heating system. Van Doren Oil Company can help you prevent unnecessary, expensive heating bills by ensuring your boiler is operating properly and not in need of any repairs.

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Oil Fired Water Heater:

Whether you need hot water for dishes, showers or laundry, you can count on us. Van Doren Oil Company can install, maintain, and repair all makes and models of oil-fired and indirect water heaters.

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Properly functioning heating equipment is essential and should be a priority for all our customers.  Unexpected heating equipment issues can cause an array of problems.  Contact Van Doren Oil Company today where our expert technicians are waiting to assist you with all your heating equipment needs!