Our installations, repairs and service are second to none

Whether you heat your home by boiler or furnace, getting a new system is a big investment. That is why we recommend having an expert help you choose a new system.  Van Doren Oil Company strives to ensure that the boilers we install work trouble-free for the life of the boiler.  Our service representative will calculate your home’s heating requirements, discuss your usage patterns and demands, and recommend the right energy solutions for your home.

A properly functioning boiler is a crucial component to heating your home efficiently.  A heating system that is not functioning properly can lead to higher fuel consumption driving up your heating costs.  It may also leave you with a malfunctioning or failing heating system at an inopportune time.  With nearly 80 years of experience, Van Doren Oil Company will assess your system, determine necessary repairs or recommend and install replacement boilers and furnaces if necessary.  Call us today to ensure that your heating system is operating properly!

We recommend Energy Kinetics, Burnham, and Peerless brand boilers, three of the best-known and well-respected boiler manufacturers.  All three are recognized by heating professionals worldwide as excellent home heating solutions backed by long term warranties.