Fuel Storage Tank

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank

Owning your own fuel storage tank provides you with benefits that are not afforded by other energy sources. With fuel oil, your heating oil storage tank represents freedom to control your fuel source through choice of capacity and supplier. You don’t have to worry about the weather or pipeline problems that could affect your supply.

heating oil fuel storage tank

Fuel Storage Tank Installation

Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Installation

Van Doren Oil Company is equipped to install above ground heating oil storage tanks as replacement for existing tanks, conversions to oil heat and new construction. Our professional installations include the highest quality piping, fittings and materials to provide a reliable and clean fuel system.

Underground Fuel Storage Tank Installation

For underground fuel storage removal and installation, we gladly refer one of our trusted independent tank contractors.

Not Just for Fuel Oil

In addition to fuel storage tanks for home heating oil, we provide storage tanks for motor fuels, pool heaters, and diesel generators. Your Van Doren Oil Company representative will gladly discuss the best size and model options to meet your needs.

Fuel Storage Tank Safety

To help protect your investment in fuel and to keep the surrounding environment safe our team of fuel oil storage tank installers take the upmost precaution when installing your storage tank. We know that you want a storage tank that will be reliable, and with today’s rising fuel prices and environmental regulations we know that you want the peace of mind that your fuel oil storage tank is installed safely and complies with EPA and local jurisdictions.

After installation, or if you already own a storage tank, we highly recommend protecting your tank with one of our custom tailored tank protection plan to ensure your tank is regularly maintained.

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For your fuel storage tank needs contact the experts at Van Doren Oil Company and let us find you the fuel storage tank that fits your needs. You can reach us by phone at 908-534-2125 or send us a message.

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