Oil Furnaces

Nearly 66% of your energy bill comes from your furnace

When it comes to an oil furnace, you want the comfort of feeling warm on demand, while it runs quietly in the background unnoticed. You want the peace of mind that the significant investment you have made in home heating will be the only one you will need to make for many, many years. And you want one that runs as affordably as

Of course you also want:

  • High ENERGY STAR® efficiency ratings that lower monthly costs — our recommended models meet or exceed standard Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings
  • Multiple motor options that eliminate sudden bursts of air — adding to both the quiet and comfort
  • Optional humidifier for improved indoor air quality — removes excess humidity, eliminates shocks, prevents cracked woodwork and walls, and helps you keep your thermostat set lower
  • The perfect-sized model — for your home’s size, your family’s usage demands, and your bank account
  • And more — including additional options and long-term warranties

Rudd furnace

Your Van Doren representative will discuss all of these issues and more, while explaining the pros and cons of various makes and options, and alerting you to any current manufacturer’s rebates.

Following your informed purchase, our experts will install it as quietly and cleanly as possible, and even remove your old furnace free of charge should you want us to. And, of course, you can always depend on us for service plan support and repair services.

We recommend Ruud and Thermo Pride oil furnace brands

Both are recognized by heating professionals worldwide as excellent home heating solutions backed by long-term warranties.

And if you are not yet in need of a new furnace, be sure to check out our service plan options to extend the life of your current system.

Van Doren always delivers.

Our family-owned business knows what it takes to earn your trust — fair pricing and outstanding customer service. Contact us today to join our thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers throughout our service area.