Oil Water Heater

You need hot water for daily activities, such as cooking, washing dishes and clothes, and bathing. In fact, up to 30% of a home’s average energy costs goes toward heating water. A traditional water heater has several components that make it up: a source of fuel, fuel lines and a system to vent the fuel, and of course a storage tank for the hot water.

Oil Water Heater vs Traditional Water Heater

Similar to traditional water heaters, oil fired water heaters have a tank system to store the hot water and a source of fuel to heat the water. The differences however is that a oil water heater will use both oil and electricity for fuel. A mixture of oil plus water is exposed to an electric spark and ignited to heat the water in the oil water heater system.

Advantages of an Oil Fired Water Heater

Some advantages to a oil water heater include:

  • Faster water heating times
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Flexible options
  • Reliable operation

Oil Water Heater Installation

Our expert technicians can help you get the most out of oil fired water heaters for the least cost. We can install, maintain, and repair all makes and models of oil-fired and indirect water heaters, however we recommend the following brands:

oil fired water heater - oil water heater

Bock Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Quality in construction, efficiency in performance, and durability in operation— Bock has earned its reputation as the leader in oil-fired water heaters.

The technical advantages of Bock water heaters include:

  • Turboflue® – Bock’s patented design is the industry’s most advanced and efficient heat It heats water faster and uses less fuel, which reduces energy costs.
  • Built to last – Hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher “return on investment”.
  • Double pressure tested – Only Bock pressure-tests its tanks twice.
  • Fully welded tank skirt – Prevents noxious flue gases from escaping between the tank and jacket.
  • Externally mounted burner – provides easy installation and maintenance

Oil Boiler for FREE Hot Water

If you have an oil boiler consider yourself to be lucky! You can install an indirect-fired hot oil water heater and enjoy hot water virtually FREE — even during the coldest winter months! If you do not have an oil boiler but are interested in the benefits of this system contact the experts at Van Doren Oil Company to determine if an oil boiler system is the right choice for your home or office.

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