Heating Oil Automatic Delivery

Our “degree-day system” does the work for you

No one wants to run out of heating oil during the winter, but who has time to measure the oil tank and determine when the time is right to call us for more fuel? How many times have we forgotten to do that?

Fortunately, you can enroll with Van Doren to receive automatic heating oil deliveries based on temperature.

When it is bitter cold outside, homes burn more oil. Our system recognizes that and speeds up your next delivery. Should the winter weather turn mild, our next delivery will be extended further out.
As a result, covered homeowners enjoy a far more worry-free winter, knowing that their home heating oil supply will never run out.

This service is free of charge to full-service customers.

Pay quickly and you save more

Another free service to our automatic delivery customers is a $0.05 per gallon discount applied automatically for payment in full within 5 days of delivery, as long as your account is current.

For even more peace of mind and financial benefits, be sure to check out our tank protection and budget-friendly pricing options.