Budget Plan

Heating Oil Budget Plan

We help you lower your winter fuel bills

It’s an unfortunate fact that 80% of your fuel bill costs come in just four or five months of winter. Why not spread those payments out over 12 months with our Budget Plan? Instead of paying $450, $500, or even $600 for winter deliveries, you’ll be able to virtually cut those payments in half.

This is how it works. We review your fuel use over the past few winters and calculate a monthly payment amount. Then you make 12 equal, predictable payments, which means no unexpectedly high heating bills.

You don’t pay any more for your oil, and you don’t use any more gallons. You pay only for what you actually receive. You can relax knowing that your payment amount will stay the same each month, with just minor adjustments for usage or price changes.

For further peace of mind, we combine the Budget Plan with our free automatic delivery service so you never have to worry about running out of fuel. Many customers combine their budget with our  Ceiling Cap Plan. This will reduce the monthly payment because we will know the capped price per gallon.  If you have questions or would like further info, please call the office at 908-534-2125.