Discount Oil

Fewer benefits, but lower price per gallon

Our full service customers enjoy—by far—the best that Van Doren has to offer:

The savings are significant and the conveniences in time and budgeting are important to most customers.

But if you are simply looking for a one-time heating oil delivery, please call Van Doren Oil Company at 908-534-2125, or click here

Van Doren will provide one-time customers a lower introductory price-per-gallon for your fill up than we ordinarily offer, based upon the delivery day’s market value.

  • You call us for an oil delivery, which we will schedule ASAP, but non-priority.
  • You pay C.O.D. (Credit card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.)
  • We deliver your discounted oil.
  • We will not contact you or provide service again unless you contact us.

Of course, the oil we deliver is the same high-quality and treated fuel we deliver to all homeowners, and the discount has nothing to do with the purity of product or quality of service you will receive.

We encourage all homeowners to get the most benefits out of our company by becoming a full-time customer. The 24 hour emergency service gives the customer piece of mind. But if a customer isn’t interested in our service department, and if the price per gallon is most important, then discount oil is the way to go.

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