Heating Oil Price Cap Plan

Protect yourself from rising prices this year

As you know, the price of heating oil fluctuates on a daily basis because of supply and demand, market speculation, weather, geopolitical conflicts and other influences beyond our control. This is reflected in the prices we charge our customers upon delivery.

What you may not know, however, is that we offer you a way to put a ceiling, or cap, on your heating oil. This could save you money on fuel during the winter.  We call this price protection.

If oil prices skyrocket, your price will never go above the cap. But if prices fall for a sustained period, so will yours. When our daily rate stays below the cap, we will charge you the lower amount.

This program is our Price Cap Plan. It is easy to enroll and there are no cancellation fees.

Please note that our suppliers charge us a premium for this type of price protection. So if you choose the price cap option, a per-gallon cap fee will be due when you sign your contract.