How Long Will a Full Oil Tank Last?

Predicting how long a full tank of heating oil will last can help you better anticipate when it will need to be filled, and the cost it’s incurring you. It’s a particularly common question with new homeowners. Unfortunately, there’s no sure answer. But there are a number of variables that can help you make an informed guess.

4 Factors on How Long a Full Oil Tank Will Last

1. Type of Heating System

The type of system can drastically influence how long a full tank will last. If your oil furnace is also used to heat your home’s water systems, oil will be used up much more quickly than if it’s just used to heat your home.

Additional Heating Sources

Any other heating sources, such as wood fired or electric heaters will reduce the demand on the oil burner, meaning a tank of oil can last longer.

Condition of Heating System

The condition of your heating system will also make an impact. If it’s a new, efficient boiler, a tank of oil will see you through much longer than an older system. Cleaning and maintenance will make some improvements to efficiency, as will any necessary repairs and upgrades.

2. Your Home

The age, size, and condition of your home is another important factor. Older homes often have poorer insulation, with air leaks that reduce the effectiveness of your heating system. The burner has to work harder to maintain optimum temperatures.

Larger homes also require a lot more to effectively heat them, so they’ll use up more oil than smaller homes.

3. Your Local Climate

Where you live can have a dramatic impact on how long a full tank of oil will last. If you’re in a warmer, temperate environment, a full tank of oil will last you much longer than in areas with very cold winters. In some states such as here in New Jersey (New Jersey Climate), it’s not unusual to have to refill your oil tank at least once a month during winter.

4. Temperature Settings

If your thermostat is set to high temperatures throughout much of the year, you’ll go through a full tank much more quickly than if you set it to cooler temperatures. Ask yourself how warm you really need it to be.

In addition to your temperature preferences, consider what other personal habits you have that could affect the efficiency of your system. If you leave curtains drawn while the heater is going, or leave the thermostat on high even when you’re not home, you’re minimizing the lifespan of your full oil tank. Similarly, if anything obstructs your vents, or you don’t allow the sun in on warmer days and you instead use your heater to warm your home, you’re wasting resources.

Improve How Long Your Full Oil Tank Will Last

There are small things you can do to stretch a full tank of oil to service your home for longer.

One of the best ways you can get an accurate prediction of how long a full tank of oil lasts is to use a tank gauge and monitor the levels over a period of time. You’ll soon get a sense of the speed at which your home is burning the oil.

For more tips on how to improve your heating oil costs visit our blog post on “4 Ways to Save on Your Heating Oil Costs“.

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