How Much Heating Oil is Used for Hot Water?

Everybody uses hot water, but not everybody considers just how much heating oil is used for your oil hot water heater. It can be an important thing to keep track of if you use more hot water than usual or if you are trying to save on heating oil costs.

Oil Hot Water Heater – Heating Oil Use

You might have been expecting a simple equation that explains how many gallons of heating oil translates into how many gallons of hot water, but it unfortunately is not quite that simple. Several aspects of your home and living conditions will have an impact on how efficient heating oil will be with heating up your water.

  • Is your home heating oil is used only for hot water, or is it also used for your main heating?
  • How often you take showers? And how long those showers are your showers? Two five-minute showers each day will keep you in the expected range of used up heating oil, but four 10-minute showers for example will tell a different story on your bill.
  • How many people live in the home? The more people, the more hot water is used for showers, washing clothes, washing dishes, etc.

The Rules of Thumb for Heating Oil for Hot Water

As previously discussed, there are many factors that determine how many heating oil gallons you will be going through. Lucky for you, there are some rough guidelines that you can use to help figure out your own usage.

New Jersey Summer

During the summertime it is very common for a house to go through approximately 25 gallons of heating oil per month. This is because summertime is, of course, already hot and the hotter temperature will help reduce the heating oil for hot water used.

New Jersey Winter

Predictably, this means you can expect this number to increase during the colder seasons, right? Well surprisingly that is wrong! Many houses will use less heating oil for hot water specifically because they are already using more oil overall to let the furnace heat up their entire home. The work and heat from the furnace adds a bonus heating effect that provides hot water as well!

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