Van Doren Oil Easy-Pay Budget Program

What is the point of a budget?

The budgets are designed to estimate the cost of your annual consumption of home heating oil and divide that amount into eleven (11) equal monthly payments.  You may also wish to include your annual service plan into this amount.  Van Doren Oil offers budgets starting in June, July, August & September of each year for the coming season.

How do you calculate my budget?

Budgets are determined using historical oil prices and the 5 year delivery history (Note:  If there is a consumption spike, we will take this into account if the budget allows). 

What is included in my budget?

The following items are/can be included in your budget:

  • #2 Heating Oil Deliveries
  • Annual Service Comfort Plans
  • Price Cap Protection Plan (upon request)

What is NOT included in my annual budget?

  • Any outstanding balance. This must be paid in full to begin a new budget.
  • All service-related charges (labor / parts) not covered under the annual service plan – these are billed as they occur and are due net 30 days
  • All heating and tank installations including permits
  • All other liquid products:  diesel fuel, gasoline, and kerosene (unless requested)
If you are interested in a new 2022-2023 budget, please call us at 908-534-2125 or via email at