Proguard Oil Tank Protection

Most people love a good surprise. However, unexpected costly surprises are something nobody wants to experience.  Unexpected expenses can happen to anyone at any time and usually happen at the worst time possible.  Van Doren Oil Company is here to offer protection to our customers with our ProGuard Tank Protection Plan for #2 heating oil tanks.  This protection plan is designed to cover the cost of unexpected oil tank expenses in the event of an oil leak.

ProGuard Tank Protection for #2 Heating Oil Tank

ProGuard Protection Plan #2 Heating Oil tankIn order to provide our customers with protection against the possibility of a leaking #2 heating oil tank, Van Doren Oil offers our ProGuard Tank Protection.  With our Proguard Tank Protection plan, our customers will not have to worry about their #2 heating oil tank causing extensive damage to your property or surrounding areas. Our ProGuard Tank Protection will give you the peace of mind you need with the protection you deserve.

The ProGuard Tank Protection is a heating oil storage tank protection program between Van Doren Oil Company and our customers. Our protection plan covers up to $100,000 in remediation costs for an underground tank and $50,000 in remediation costs for an aboveground tank in the event of a fuel oil leak.

  • Any customer of Van Doren Oil Co. owning a commercial or residential fuel oil tank with a capacity of 4,000 gallons or less is eligible.
  • The fuel oil tank must be on automatic delivery status with Van Doren Oil Company
  • The fuel oil tank must store # 2 heating oil
  • A #2 heating oil tank test and site inspection is required before our ProGuard Protection Plan can go into effect

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For questions regarding the Proguard protection or to receive Proguard protection on your #2 heating oil tank contact us today.  Our heating professionals are ready to assist you!

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